12 benefits of masticating juicers you will get now

You would probably get benefits from eating fruits and vegetables without juicing. But if you want to have full nutrients from them, then juicing is a must. In this case, a masticating juicer will be the right choice. Because it will provide some unique benefits that no other juicers can be able to offer you. whether you are a veteran or a beginner you can juice using this juicing machine.

 12 Benefits of the masticating juicers

1. Maximum juicing yield:

As fruits, vegetables, leafy green, and more. Fortunately, masticating juicers can help you have maximum juice using fewer ingredients since it operates at a slower speed compared to a speedy centrifugal juicer. Surprisingly, it squeezes the pulps in an efficient manner so that every drop of nectar can come out simply. It also prevents the wastage of elements on a larger scale.

2. Preserve nutrients: 

How cool it would be if you get the full nutritional value of ingredients available after juicing. Unfortunately, the centrifugal juicer cannot retain the whole nutrients of ingredients. Because it runs speedier than the cold press juicer. Again I must tell you; if you want to have juice with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and much more with full value make sure you buy slow masticating juicer right away. The Experts say as it operates very slowly and creates less oxidation which eventually helps preserve all nutritional value of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients and gives you pure and healthy drink.

3. Better taste:

Unlike some other centrifugal machines, slow juicer appliance helps retain full taste as it use bio-magnetic technology and runs at slower speed. You can juice things quickly with centrifugal juicing appliance but it creates much oxidation that lower taste of juice. If you use cold press juicer, it is guaranteed that you will get standard quality juice without any no worries if you use masticating juicer while making juice.

4. Stored longer:

If you juice the things with so called centrifugal juicer machine, it creates maximum oxidation means more foaming that degrades the quality of nectar, helps bacteria to attract to juice as earlier as possible, and spoils the juice within shorter periods. As it operates more slowly than centrifugal, it aids you to maintain quality up to 72 hours with ease. Therefore, you no need to worry about how long you can store the juice.

5. Quietness:

Everyone wants a peaceful life to lead with family. However, some juicers of other varieties create more friction since they run with about 3000-16000 rpm speed but it should be noted that slow juicer operates with at best 80-110 rpm speed that is much quieter than the other so-called speedy juicers and assists to maintain quietness when juicing. If you continue talking with your friends or relatives, you won’t face any annoying situations while the machine running.

6. Easy to clean:

Masticating juicer comprises of fewer parts, and that’s why easy to clean. For hand washing, you need to just rinse portions by throwing warm water with cleanser or baking soda or use dishwasher. If you would extract more than one substance successively, don’t need to disassemble, humbly close the juice cap, dispense water into hopper and operates the machine. Subsequently, open the top and discharge the water, and bring to an end juicing wash the entire container.   Moreover, its Auto-cleaning brush supports to clean pulp proficiently.

7. Extended warranty:

You would purchase a high priced juicer with having less warrant police is not a wise decision to take. Before buying juicer you need to make sure longer warrant policy and cold press juicer manufacturers generally provide high warranty periods to their users except certain cases. I could be 10 to 15 years in most cases.

8.  Versatility:

 You wish you had a great helping hand in your kitchen that assists you to make various items with less effort. Now you can easily prepare a great variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nut butters juice, and make baby food, raw breadsticks, mochi, frozen fruit sorbets, pasta with ease. Apart from these you can use slow juicer as food processor.

9. Long lasting:

Durability is a great feature in case of juicers. If you want to use a juicer for longer periods of time, then buying a slow juicer will be the best options for you. Since it operates only 80 rpm and its parts made from BPA free FDA-approved materials.

10. Helps in digestion:

Solid things are stiff to digest and take a long time being processed. Since with masticating machine you will liquefy some hard and fibrous things easily, it will eventually help easy digestion.

11. More energy:

When you cook vegetables to eat, it loses some of their vitamins and minerals. But if you squeeze these with slow nectar extractor, it aids to retain all natural value and give more energy you needed.

12. Weight loss:

You would be worrying about your overweight but do not get right guideline to lose it. Juicing things arouse your metabolism and reduce toxic elements from your fat and help lose weight quickly. In this case masticating juicer can be you friend. Because it helps maintain all the natural value still after juicing.


Getting all health benefits from using a masticating juicer, you can use the best hurom masticating juicers, kuvings c7000 elite juicer, omega juicers, instead of using a fast centrifugal juicer. Masticating juicer enables you to take out all-natural nutrients, leaving the much drier pulp and food waste.

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Hi, I'm Shawon Emdad, a chef, by profession. Definitely, I'm lucky enough that I can share my 7 years long juicing experience with you. And I have got a specialized team of experienced chefs as well and we all share our expertise when we review a juicer or share any juicing tips to help you out taking the best decision. let's juice for a happy and healthy life together.

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