Can you freeze tomato (whole, raw, juice, sauce, and salsa)?

Botanically, tomatoes are considered a fruit. But, in reality, we use them with various vegetable dishes as well. However, being packed with varieties of nutrition and mixed sour-sweet flavor, almost, everyone loves to use tomato often in suitable dishes.

Apart from that, someone preferably uses tomatoes for making juice, sauce, salsa, and so on. But, being a perishable and soft fruit, people always wonder whether they can freeze tomatoes or not.

To assure them, we can say that you can freeze the tomatoes for longer periods to use them later or when they are unavailable in the market.

Can you freeze tomatoes whole? 

You can freeze whole tomatoes for sure. When your garden is full of tomatoes, you could not able to consume or process them right away. So, to save them from being damaged, you can preserve them the whole but ensuing right procedure.

Besides, storing whole tomatoes is effortless and hassle-free, and saves you from peeling and blanching them. Now, the question is- how should you freeze the tomatoes whole to ensure freshness for more extended periods? To know the right way you can follow the following procedure-

  1. Choose the garden-fresh tomatoes that should be ripe and stiff and throw the damaged tomatoes away.
  2. Clean the sorted tomatoes under cold water and clean with a clean cloth gently.
  3. Now, cut the core with the stem of every tomato.
  4. Put the whole tomatoes in the freezer until be frozen covering cookie sheets.
  5. After being frozen, transfer them in the zip lock bags or containers and seal them tightly and freeze them to use for longer periods.   

Can you freeze tomatoes raw?

Yes. You can still freeze tomatoes raw. You should not preserve the thawed raw tomatoes because raw tomatoes become cracked when they are thawed. So, the question is how can you freeze tomatoes raw? Follow the right procedure here.

Can you freeze tomatoes to make salsa later? 

Yes. You can freeze tomatoes to make salsa later. But, it’s a bit weird to make salsa from frozen tomatoes. 

You may not get a natural flavor if you make salsa from frozen tomatoes. Making salsa from garden-fresh tomatoes without freezing is the best for getting natural flavor and nutrients.

Still, you have to freeze salsa if you make a large volume of salsa to consume later. The best way could be preserving salsa after making from fresh tomatoes.

You can use an airtight container or jar to store salsa for more extended periods. If you want to make salsa from frozen tomatoes you have to preserve them systematically.

1. Choose fresh tomatoes from the garden or any super shop.

2. Wash and clean up properly.

3. De-stem them, cut into the middle and remove the seeds. This process will reduce your cooking time.

4. Now, pack the tomato slices in the freezer-safe bags, seal the bags tightly to remove air and freeze them properly.

Note: you should not freeze the tomatoes for longer periods for making salsa if you want the maximum flavor and nutrients alive.

Can you freeze tomato juice?

Tomato juice is healthy and refreshing drink if you consume it fresh. But, when you make juice from large batches of tomatoes, you can’t leave it out for longer periods without freezing.

So, you have to freeze the tomato juices to fight against harmful bacteria and preserve them for more extended periods.

You can can the tomato juices to preserve them year-round. To store the tomato juice using the canning method, follow the steps below:

  1. Collect the fresh tomatoes and remove any damaged tomato.
  2. Wash and clean them in running water.
  3. De-stem them, slice them.
  4. Now, cook the slices until they become soft
  5. Turn on the best tomato juicer and toss the tomato in the feeder to juice them.
  6. Take canning jars, wash and sanitize them well.
  7. Pour the canning jars with juice, seal the jars tightly and freeze them for longer periods for later use.

Can you freeze tomato sauce?

Yes. You can freeze tomato sauce for later use. But, once you prepare the tomato sauce, make sure you cool the sauce completely after cooking.

Sanitize the airtight jars properly and pour them with cold tomato sauce leaving 1 inch empty. After that, close the lids of jars tightly and freeze them for 3-4 months.

You can use them at times but ensure you seal them well and preserve them in freeze again.

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Can you Freeze cherry tomatoes?

Yes. You can freeze cherry tomatoes whole, raw, and without blanching. To preserve well, choose the ripe, garden-fresh, and firm cherry tomatoes.

Remove any damaged tomatoes, and Wash and dry them well. You should not peel them as being small in size. Cover with a cookie sheet and store them in a freezer.

Once frozen and stiff, transfer them in a zip lock bag and freeze them again. If you want, you can preserve cooked cherry tomato as well.

How long can you freeze tomatoes?

Now that, you know how you can freeze tomatoes. But, you should also know how long you can preserve the tomatoes in the freezer.

If you store ripe tomatoes whole in a refrigerator, you can preserve them at best for 7-8 days. But, in a freezer, you can store them for 2-3 months and beyond.

You can freeze homemade tomato juice for around 8-12 months if you use the canning method but in the refrigerator, the juice lasts 7-10 days at best.

If you preserve the tomato sauce in the refrigerator and open the container time and again, you could store them for about a week but in a freezer, you can preserve them for around 2-3 months.

The opened homemade salsa lasts for 5-7 days in a refrigerator. You can preserve opened salsa in a freezer for 1-2 months without any hesitation.

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