Can you freeze watermelon juice? Yes, but how?

Once a close friend of mine asked me that- can you freeze watermelon juice? I replied to him that I didn’t try to freeze watermelon juice ever. As you want to know I would try it by myself. After that, I made my mind to make an experiment on freezing watermelon juice. And today I would share my experience with you.

Can you freeze watermelon juice?

Yes, you can freeze watermelon juice. Once I made a batch of watermelon juice to drink fresh but the large volume of juice I could not consume at a time. So, what to do? It is not a wise decision to waste a lot of hydrating watermelon juice.

I remembered that I told my friend to experiment with freezing watermelon juice. I preserved the leftover watermelon juice in the freezer and I thought that it won’t last long. But, I was wrong. First, I stored the juice for 1 month in the freezer. And after 1 month I checked the juice whether it goes bad or not.

But, I observed that the watermelon juice was fine with the same taste. I took the experiment in the further steps and refreeze for more than two months in the freezer. Again after two months I tasted the watermelon juice and observed that the trivial change in texture and flavor but still good to drink.

But, over time you will not get the same taste. So, from my experiment, I can tell you that you can preserve watermelon juice for more extended periods.

How to freeze watermelon juice?

Keeping your watermelon juice longer lasting and healthy, make sure you squeeze the watermelon using a cold-press slow juicer. Because a slower speed juicer creates less oxidation meaning less foamy juice which is good for maintaining longer juice shelf life and nutrients of juice. Once you made watermelon juice, follow the steps below to freeze them for longer periods-

  1. Take a mason glass jar if you don’t have one buy it from amazon. Sanitize the jar using warm water. Don’t try to preserve the juice in any plastic container. Because, plastic containers are made of some toxic chemicals like polystyrene, polypropylene, and nylon, etc.
  2. Pour the watermelon juice leaving some space from the top. Because, when you freeze any liquid, it expands to some extent. Note: Some mason jar has a line somewhere below the top. Make sure you pour the juice into that line.
  3. Now seal the lid tightly after labeling with the date and preserve the jar in the freezer for more extended periods.


Does watermelon juice go bad?

If you leave the freshly squeezed watermelon juice at room temperature for several hours, it could go bad quickly. When some harmful bacteria in the air come into contact with the juice, they break down the enzymes in juice and are responsible for spoiling the juice fast. You can slow the spoiling process of watermelon juice if you timely and systematically preserve the juice in the freezer.

How to tell if the watermelon juice goes bad?

It is easy to identify whether watermelon juice goes bad or not. Spoiled watermelon juice could spread a sharp tangy smell or could have an off smell. The taste will be sharp and you can’t keep it in your mouth for longer periods. You get whether it goes bad or not by observing its color. Bad watermelon juice’s natural color will fade away once it expired. Sometimes, you could see some mold in the juice and it’s the obvious sign of bad watermelon juice. if you observe these kinds of signs, throw away the juice fast.

How long can you freeze watermelon juice?

You can preserve the freshly squeezed watermelon juice in the fridge for up to 7-10 days. But, if you store the watermelon juice in the freezer, it will last for up to 1-3 months at best. You should consume the juice within those periods. Over time, the juice loses its nutrients, natural color, taste, and texture.

How to thaw frozen watermelon juice?

Defrosting frozen watermelon juice is easy and smooth. If you are not in a hurry, you can transfer the frozen watermelon juice jar from the freezer to the refrigerator, it could take 10-12 hours to thaw the frozen juice. You can thaw the frozen juice at room temperature as well. Take some water in a bowl and keep the frozen jar in water for up to 6-8 hours. Once get frozen, you can drink the juice right away. You can also use warm water to thaw the juice fast. The fastest way of defrosting watermelon juice is thawing in a micro web oven. Just run the oven at a low temperature and wait for 60-120 seconds. Within those times your frozen watermelon juice will defrost. Don’t keep the frozen jar longer, otherwise, it will burn soon.

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