5 Best Ways to Store Juice Keeping It Fresh & Tasty

You love to drink juice and squeeze a batch of juice to drink later. But what’s the guarantee to last it longer. In fact, it relies mostly on how you store juice. Well, we are confident of helping you out. Follow our guidelines that explain below to keep your juice fresh for more extended periods.

Things to remember to store juice

1. Choose organic and fresh ingredients:

A question arises why we should go with organic fruits or vegetables when juicing? Well, this is a vital query. Organic produces are cultivated without using sewage sludge-based fertilizer, petroleum-based fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, etc. This produces are grown using compost. There are lesser chemicals used in organic farming. That’s why; you can enjoy almost all chemicals-free produces. Use fresh fruits and vegetables when juicing because using fresh produces helps store for longer periods.

2. Wash the ingredients before juicing:

Make sure you wash the produces properly before juicing. Actually, some produce grows under the soil, but soil consumes chemicals, helping them grow. Likewise, to kill harmful insects of some produces,  the farmers use pesticides that spoil the produce’s outer parts. Therefore, the washing of produces is a crucial matter before juicing. To scrub the fruits, you can use a food-grade brush.

3. Use the right juicer:             

It is obviously a crucial matter to choose the right juice to use. There are mainly two kinds of popular juicers: a slow cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer. In fact, Experts recommend using a slow juicer because it operates at 40-110 rpm speed that creates less oxidation. Minimum oxidation helps store more extended periods. On the flip side, the centrifugal extractor is fast juice, runs at 3000-16000 rpm speed, and produces much more oxidation than spoils the longevity of juice.

4. Remove the pulp:       

Sometimes pulps are seen in juice when one uses a cheap centrifugal juicer. Basically, pure juice means pulp-free juice. Removing pulps helps to store the juice for longer periods. The pulp contains a browning enzyme that spoils the juice fast. Use a fine strainer to remove pulp properly.

5. Keep your juice cold:

Keep your juice in a cold place. It’s better to keep liquid in the refrigerator. It prevents harmful bacterial growth as well as slow fermentation and increases juice’s shelf life. But freezing can slightly degrade the nutritional value and quality of juice. Therefore, try to drink fresh juice for getting all nutrients wholly.

6. Avoid air and sunlight:

Air and daylight could be helpful for your health but may cause oxidation of your juice. And we know oxidation creates foaming in the juice that reduces the longevity of juice. We tend to open the juice jar often and leave the top loose when we close the jar. But unfortunately, it helps enter the air, which gradually degrades the quality of juice. So make sure you avoid air and sunlight when storing juice.     

7. Choose a proper container to store juice:

When you think of keeping juice, a question should be answered. What kinds of containers should you use storing juice? The best juice container should be non-plastic and airtight. Plastic containers contain harmful chemicals and are not airtight. It is better to use jars made from glass and stainless steel.

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Juicing storage options

1. Stainless steel jugs & tumblers:

Stainless steel jugs & tumblers protect the juice from air contact, sunlight, and preserve the fluid’s temperature. It is safe from breakability, portable, and the best option for using at work, workout, driving as there is no fear of breaking or degradation of juice quality.

2. Mason jars:

Mason jars are the best for storing juice for more extended periods. It’s convenient, easy to use, and clean. You can use the Mason jar as a cup by using a wide mouth jar lid or an individual cap with a straw lid.

3. Hermetic jars:

Hermetic jars are another great storage option that you can use for storing juice. But it is usually used for storing herbs, spices, and other whole ingredients in the kitchen. Still, you can use it to store juice as it is airtight and made from glass. There are different sized hermetic jars in the market to buy.

4. Glass bottles:

If you are a traveler or work at the office but want to drink juice, glass bottles will be a better option for you. It helps carry around quickly with the bag as for its compact design.

5. Glass pitchers:

If you have a extended family and want to serve all the members at a time, then glass pitchers are a better option for you, as it can contain a large batch of juice. Or if you want to entertain your guests with juice, use glass pitchers as it’s easy to use, store much liquid, and good looking.  You can purchase one or two liters pitcher for your convenience.

How long can you store fresh juice?

How long can you store the juice largely depends on what types of juicers have you used, The fruits and vegetables being used, The containers used to store, the fluid temperature, and the amount of air in the storing container. If you use a centrifugal juicer, a fast juicer, which operates at 3000-16000 rpm, creates much oxidation, which degrades the juice life span, and you can store the juice for 2-8 hours. If you use a masticating juicer like top omega, top hurom juicer,c7000 kuvings, tribest greenstar which runs at only 40-110 rpm, you can keep the squeezed juice for 48-72 hours as it creates lesser heat and oxidation. Storing for more extended periods, make sure you use organic produces, airtight containers instead of plastic containers, and keep in minimum temperature.

Why should you not use plastic containers to store?

Generally, plastic container is inexpensive, lightweight, and easily unbreakable than a glass jar. But it is prone to spread out the chemicals and toxins that it contains. Apart from that, it is not airtight, which increases oxidation. Moreover, plastic containers are made from Bisphenol A(BPA), phthalates, polyvinyl chloride, which causes cancer and other diseases. So be careful when using juice storing container. Experts recommend using glass made boxes rather than using plastic containers.

What happens if you drink expired juice?

Typically, squeezed juice lasts up to 72 hours. If the juice’s life span expires, it is unsafe to drink. Unanticipatedly, it can cause stomachaches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. Therefore, avoid expired drinking juice to be safe from any unexpected illness. don’t make the further juicing mistakes


You have learned that storing juice is crucial to its longevity and helps you keep away from the spoiled drink. You should go through a proper process to store squeezed juice if you want to have a fresh and healthy drink.

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