Best Time to Drink Fresh Juice for Glowing Skin and Weight Loss

Are you wondering what the best time is to drink fresh fruit juice instead of eating whole fruit? Everyone asks can I drink juice instead of eating the whole fruit in the morning or the evening or at night for glowing skin and energy boost? Or drinking juice at night as sleeping juice would be better or not. Almost everyone loves healthy juice as a superfood, whether it’s fruit juice or green vegetable juice.

Because drinking the healthiest juices instead of whole fruit hydrates, energizes, and, most importantly, provides various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and nutrition to improve health conditions. 

But sometimes we got confused about when is the best time to drink orange juice or the best time to drink carrot beetroot juice and cucumber juice. 

Well, we have compiled some essential opinions that would live up to all your confusion.

Best Time to Drink Fresh Juice: 4 best times-

1. Drinking juice on an empty stomach:


You have spent 6-8 hours sleeping without eating a small amount of food.  But when you get up, you feel hungry and want to satisfy your hunger. Now you have one or more options when it comes to taking breakfast. You could eat delicious pastry and sugary coffee that might be startling, but you feel hungry in no time once the added sugar content rush ends.  Similarly, you could drink fresh fruits and fresh vegetable juice that contain a higher level of natural sugar, healthy fiber, and other nutritional value on an empty stomach,

which aids in absorbing all essential awesome nutrients and digestive enzymes contained in juice at a faster rate. Apart from that, it tastes incredible. If you want to take your full meal with juice at a time, it could hamper your digestive system. Besides, it could lead to acidity. Therefore, it recommends taking your meal at least 1 hour later after drinking healthy juice recipes so that your nutrients absorption process can be more straightforward. You should necessarily not drink juice in the morning on an empty stomach only. You can drink cold-pressed juice anytime throughout the day on an empty stomach. 

You can drink carrot, beetroot juice, cucumber juice, vegetable juice, green juice for glowing skin, weight loss, and energy, which are the best juice for an empty morning stomach.

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2. Drinking juice in no time after extraction:

You spend a lot of penny buying the best fresh whole fruit and vegetable to make healthy juice recipes. Unfortunately, when you don’t drink fresh, healthy green juice immediately after extracting, it loses some of its nutrition. And your all efforts of fresh drinking juice turn into an end in smoke. You could extract the juices healthy from fruits and vegetables with centrifugal juicers or the cold press masticating juicers. 

If you use a speedy juicer to extract the juice, you should drink your juice within 2 hours. Because it operates at 3000-16000 rpm, it fastens the oxidation process meaning much foaming, which eventually degrades the quality and nutrition of the liquid. In this way, juice loses its longevity. On the other hand, if you juice with a slow cold press masticating juicer, 

you will get a bit more high-quality juice than a high-speed centrifugal juicer because it runs at 40-110 rpm, creating less oxidation fast juicer like a centrifugal juicer. However, still, a cold press juicer degrades the quality of juice a bit. Fresh juice can increase your metabolism, improve your immune system, and hydrate you for extended periods. Therefore, try to drink fresh juice immediately after the extraction; 

if possible, consume within 2 hours if you want the juicing content like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive energy still preserves.

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3. Drinking juice before and after a workout session:

You can drink juice before and after the workout session. But people argue about drinking juice recipes before the training. 

There is a general health perception out there that drinking juice recipes before exercise prevents your body from tapping into its fat reserves if there is no available food to burn first. 

You thus lose weight more rapidly and burn additional calories. But your body needs some energy and extra boost to carry out the exercise correctly, whether you are doing weightlifting or a cardio workout. 

So it can say that juicing can provide the power to fill you more extended periods and help retain the stamina and endurance that you lose for a bowel movement. 

Drinking cold-pressed juice after the workout is much more essential than before the workout. 

After completing your exercise, your body loses electrolytes and glycogen or natural sugar stores, which should be substituted. 

Most of us take sports drinks or eat some fatty unhealthy foods. 

But drinking fruits or fresh vegetable juice recipes such as green juice, orange juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice, etc. can be the best choice than the other unhealthy or high sugary foods. 

Because a glass of fresh juice enables you to get immediate energy, replace your lost awesome nutrients after a tiresome workout. 

Apart from these, the fresh-pressed juice recipe also contains electrolytes, amino acids, and carbohydrates that aid in your muscles recovering after a workout.

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4. Drinking juice with the raw vegetable dish:


Drinking fruit juice takes less time to digest and has healing benefits from food poisoning, weight gain, and other health issues, and our body can absorb the powerful nutrients so fast. 

But drinking only fruit juice such as orange juice alongside heavy meals can cause indigestion or acid reflux and can increase blood sugar levels. 

Because the fact is that they digest at different times. However, drinking fruit juice along with fresh vegetables can be an excellent meal replacement and a healthy option to drinking with a fatty meal instead. 

If you want to take fruit juice with a meal, try to consume it combined with green leafy vegetables in salads or simple raw vegetable dishes. 

Drinking fruit juice alongside green vegetable salads has no adverse effect on the body as they digest together. Besides, it delivers the most alkalizing effect.

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When what, and which is the best time to drink fresh healthy juice for weight loss?

Drinking the favorite juice diet like fiber content celery juice, orange juice, carrot juice, apple juice, and cucumber juice is a great way to lose weight fast. 

You have to choose low-calorie fresh produce like orange juice to facilitate quick weight loss. In fact, to lose weight, this is the best time to drink orange juice. 

But the critical question is when you should drink a high level of healthy juice to lose weight. 

Scientific research shows that one should drink a juice diet at least 1 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach morning. 

Because drinking juice diet with the meal on an empty stomach can boost the absorption process, which prevents indigestion and deters the fat to amass, that in turn aid in weight loss. 

So don’t even think of drinking juice with a full stomach. Don’t make such kind of juicing mistake.

Can we drink juice in the evening?

Drinking juice anytime can be helpful. You still get health benefits from juice if you drink it in the evening. 

Someone likes drinks for sleep at night. Cherry juice is the best sleep drink. Because it contains melatonin that aids in sleep fast. 

But consuming the healthiest fresh-pressed juice in the morning on an empty stomach is the best time as it helps increase your metabolism and hydrates you for more extended periods. 

If you still have to drink fresh organic produce juice in the evening or at night, you should take it after the workout or 2-3 hours before bedtime.

When’s the best time to drink orange juice?

Juice lovers ask can we drink orange juice on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Basically, the morning is the best time to drink orange juice after a healthy breakfast before working but not on an empty stomach. 

Because oranges contain acid that can increase gastritis, heart disease, and ulcer. 

If you drink orange juice that contains vitamin C on an empty stomach, it could be dangerous. 

You can also drink orange juice after the workout as it has low calories.


These four best times to drink fresh juice help you remain healthy, hydrated, and energize. 

Moreover, drinking carrot juice, beetroot juice, and leafy greens vegetable juice on an empty stomach is better. 

Drinking orange juice after breakfast and celery juice at night is good for health. you can use this celery juicer to make juice from celery.

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Hi, I'm Shawon Emdad, a chef, by profession. Definitely, I'm lucky enough that I can share my 7 years long juicing experience with you. And I have got a specialized team of experienced chefs as well and we all share our expertise when we review a juicer or share any juicing tips to help you out taking the best decision. let's juice for a happy and healthy life together.

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