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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite c7000 Review (Amazingly Top-Class Juicer)

What We Like

  • Upgraded Juicing Screw (auger)
  • 3-inch wide feeding chute lessens prepping time
  • The compact vertical design makes it easy to fit on your kitchen’s countertop
  • Simplified juice parts make cleanup easier
  • 240 watts motor drives auger at slow 60 RPM producing juice with little to no oxidation
  • 3 in 1 Multi-Function (Juice, Smoothie, Sorbet)
  • Newly designed smart cap with metal finish
  • Slow-squeezing juice extractor
  • A rotating cleaning brush for easier cleaning
  • Two 33.8 oz. capacity containers for juice and pulp collection
  • Smart cap for combining juices and preventing leaks
  • Safety-lock & Cooling system
  • Quiet operation

What We Don’t Like

  • Not dishwasher safe parts
  • Costly for beginners

Kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000 is an upgraded version of its predecessor Kuving B6000 model juicing machine, with some design and quality improvements.

It was the first patented 3-inch wide feed chute size design, while there are now numerous masticating juicers with wide feed chute juicers available in the market.

A misconception establishes that kuvings c7000s is only the whole chute juicer that can take the whole fruits or vegetables to squeeze and save the prep time.

Unfortunately, it’s partially true; yes, there are some fruits and vegetables which you can pack wholly. But not all, you still have to cut some ingredients into pieces to squeeze them for their large size.

This vertical masticating juicer has formed a new auger made from the rigid Ultem material, which can easily crush and press a whole-sized fruit.

Other design changes at the bottom of the auger reduce pulp and provide a greater juice yield.

Another design improvement has been made to the juice bowl. The all-in-one bottom of the Juicing Bowl allows smooth cleaning and assembling.

You don’t have any hassles with detached silicone rings or open press silicone for cleaning any more; it also checks juice dripping when not fit entirely.

A recently designed non-drip “smooth” spout makes your juice giving out drip-free and straightforward. kuvings c7000s is 12% more efficient than the original Kuving B6000 Whole Slow speed Juicer.

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Kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000 Review

Kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000


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Design and construction materials

Like the previous kuvings B6000 model, kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000s features the same compact vertical design at 9 inches wide (22.9 cm), 17.5 inches tall (44.5 cm), 8 inches deep (20.3 cm).

The 3- inch feed chute aids in saving you time on pre-cutting and can hold small and medium produces easily, but large hard ingredients can’t maintain wholly.

Therefore, you should cut the large hard produce into small pieces before putting it into the wide feed chute so that you can avoid jamming in the juicer.

Besides, it will help get better performance when juicing. So it is better to take precautions before juicing.

Moreover, you’ll need to spend some extra time cutting some fibrous produces, particularly celery and wheatgrass, because the fibers tend to clog near the pulp ejection port, which is a common problem for vertical juicers.

However, a food pusher will provide to place on top of the feed chute, so you should not worry about misplacing the feeding chute hole by mistake and having your produce drop to the table or floor.

The kuvings C7000s come up in three colors, namely silver (C7000S), red (C7000P), as well as white (C7000W). The diversity of colors meets your demand for picking a style that works best for you.

All detached parts are made from BPA-free plastic. Avoiding BPA keeps your brain health safe, prevents cancer, and lowers your blood pressure.

On the flip side, extra durable GE Ultem plastic material has been used for the auger and juicing screen.

And all durable and sturdy parts turn their weight into about 16 pounds, making it a bit heavier.

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This machine comes with two strainers:

  1. A strainer for juicing
  2. A strainer for making frozen fruit sorbets

The juice’s opening feeding chute spout has been featured with an attached non-drip smart cap that is used for three purposes:

  • Check jamming when you take away the juice container
  • aid ingredients to mix more systematically in the juice bowl before discharging them into the juice container
  • The self-cleaning system allows you to close the smart cap and fill the juice bowl with water for quick cleaning

Apart from these, you can buy a smoothie strainer separately if you are a great fan of sticky, delicious smoothies. kuvings slow juicer comes with a custom-designed sieve that will provide you with pulp-free juice. The sieve fits tightly into the juice container.

Kuvings made some little changes to the B6000 model to make the C7000 easier and faster to assemble and clean.

Let’s highlight some necessary improvements below:

Motor base:

The previous model’s motor base wasn’t tough enough, but the motor base of kuvings c7000s comes with a sleeker and sturdier design, and its on/off/reverse switch has been moved to the back.

Juice drum:

To avoid leakage problems and made cleaning more comfortable, good improvement has been made. The 15.2 oz juice bowl has been improved to remove the two rubber and silicone pieces on the bottom.

Blank strainer:

It has transformed the blank strainer from bottom edge rubber into a rubber piece in the center instead and has reformed the juice outlet to a Y-shape.


Kuvings has upgraded the auger screw’s bottom edge to make the juicer even better for leafy greens and wheatgrass.

It has also ended up on the bottom side of the auger deep to lessen leftover pulp content in your juice.

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kuvings c7000 review


kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000s is furnished with the robust 240w AC brushless motor with 60 rpm speed.

And it effortlessly crushes whole ingredients and allows you to get maximum juicer yield. In fact, unlike the centrifugal juicer, Low-Speed Masticating Technology slowly crushes and squeezes fruits and vegetables at 60 RPM and preserves healthy enzymes, delaying the oxidation process.

With its in-built subtle design and slow-rotating, unique deceleration motor, this juicer creates less noise and vibration.

And it ensures peace and quietness of your house when juicing and lets you continue your conversations with your near one or let your family members sleep peacefully.

Juicing quality

When we dealt with this slow cold press juicer, we came across the outstanding quality of juice. Since it extracts produces through a dual-stage extraction process:

1st# the ingredients are crushed into small pieces and pushed down the auger.

2nd# the pulps are thoroughly squeezed against the juicing screen.

These processes minimize oxidation. It is worth noting that oxidation breaks down some of the minerals and nutrients in your juice, which are vulnerable to oxygen.

Eventually, it spoils the quality of your juice. Luckily that process is lessened by a slow RPM, unlike the centrifugal juicer. And this is why you can keep the juice fresh and healthy for more extended periods (up to 72 hours).

Some users claim that they face much trouble when they juice carrots and celery stalks. If you intend to buy this juicer to juice a lot of carrots or celery stalks, you should either:

-be ready to spend extra time cutting the ingredients into small portions.


-go for the high quality, slow speed, horizontal masticating juicers such as Tribest Slowstar or Omega j8006 that handle carrots and celery better.


If you need to serve a lot of people at a time, this juicer cannot meet your demand. No juicer can extract up to 1 liter at a time.

However, kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000 can contain 600-700 ml juice simultaneously which is fair enough for two or three people.

If you need to make juice for more than that, just use it 15 to 20 minutes later after completing the first time.

Unlike any vertical masticating juicer such as omega, tribest, or hurom juice maker, you can use it for up to 45 minutes at a stretch.


The C7000S comes with 10 years warranty that covers all of the juicer’s parts. It provides some of the best warranties of all of the juicers which we reviewed so far. Here’s why.

 Firstly, warranty terms and exclusions are listed on the Kuvings website. Year warranty terms aren’t often recorded explicitly anywhere for juicers manufactured by other cold press juicer brands.

 Secondly, it allows you to fill out an online warranty request form electronically on the Kuvings website. But most other slow-speed juicer manufacturers will enable you to mail them a filled-out hard copy warranty card and make warranty claims via phone.

 Thirdly, Kuvings covers shipping costs if warranty claims are made within the first year of purchase. On the flip side, some other manufacturers do not cover shipping costs under any circumstances.

Fourthly, product registration is not mandatory for year warranty coverage.

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Packages Include

  • Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Motor Base C7000, Silver
  • Juicing Bowl
  • Smart Cap
  • Juicing Screw (Auger)
  • Rotation Wiper
  • Juicing Screen with Small Holes
  • Sorbet Blank Attachment
  • Lid with 3″ Wide feeding Chute
  • Funnel Attachment
  • Food Pusher
  • BPA Free Tritan juice container
  • BPA Free 5 Screen Plastic Sieve
  • BPA Free Tritan pulp container
  • Over-sized cleaning brush
  • Spout Cleaning tool
  • Special Screen Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Recipe Book (Full Color) 75+ Pages

Is kuvings c7000s easy to use?

Kuvings C7000 vertical masticating juicer is pretty easy to use, as it has some easy parts to install, which reduces assembly difficulty.

Assembly and disassembly are relatively easy; it will only take you 3-5 minutes on the first try.

But once you’ve assembled it two or three times, you’ll see it’s easy to reuse. It will only take some time to prep your fruits and vegetables.

It is self-feeding, but you need to cut everything into smaller portions to make it easier for the auger to process it.

The Assembly of this vertical masticating juicer machine can be broken down into seven necessary steps:

1# fit the juicing bowl onto the motor base

2# insert the juicing strainer inside the spinning brush

3# fit the juicing strainer and spinning brush to the juicing bowl

4# install the auger inside the juicing bowl

5# Place the drum lid on top

6# attach the feeding tube to the drum lid

7# finally, set the juice container, and the pulp container is placed near the juice outlet and pulp outlet to collect the juice and pulp, respectively.

After using this juicer extractor, try to detach all juicer parts for better cleaning.

Is it easy to clean?

Most feedback we’ve got from users is that the Kuvings C7000s are pretty easy to clean. A manual has been provided to make cleaning difficulty is easy.

And it includes an in-depth description of how to go about disassembling and cleaning the juicer after use. It mentions several tips, and the most important tip is “quick rinsing” the juicer or what we humbly call “pre-washing” the juicer.

To quick rinse, you need to run water through the juicer and the same way you run fruits and vegetables through it when juicing.

Close the juice cap to permit water to well up in the juicing bowl when doing so.

The collected water will be pushed around the juicing bowl. This process will let the water rinse a full area within the juicing bowl.

The C7000S comes with two different cleaning brushes and a cleaning tool for the strainer to reduce cleaning difficulty.

Which brushes you will use to clean particular juicer parts is a matter of personal choice.

We picked to use all three cleaning brushes during testing to get a feel for what we liked the most.

We had to choose between using the heavier duty of the two included cleaning brushes to clean the juicing strainer and the bonus cleaning tool included with the juicer to be used specifically for that purpose.

The strainer cleaning tool can only clean the strainer’s outer parts, and we have seen it essential to clean the inner parts of the strainer as well. To do so, we had to use a cleaning brush.

It is worth mentioning that you’ll have to wash and rinse all parts by hand, as this unit isn’t dishwasher safe, but you can easily clean it in less than 5 minutes.

Like other masticating juicers, e.g., hurom juice extractor, this also has a “self-cleaning” system. Just close the smart cap and pour water into the drum (juicing bowl). And discharge water once finished cleaning.

our two most important tips to make the cleaning system easy are:

-line the pulp container with a plastic basket, so it doesn’t need cleaning when you complete

-start cleaning the detached juicer parts once you finish juicing so that no leftover becomes tough to remove

What kuvings c7000 can do?

This juicer pressed can extract all types of foods—soft and hard produces leafy greens, citrus fruits, beans, and nuts.

Some Hard produce are celery, watermelon, ginger, carrots, beets, Yukon, bitter gourd, cilantro, garlic, cauliflower, pumpkin, turmeric, asparagus, pepper, broccoli, a whole apple, pear, coconut, sweet potato, pineapple, and cucumber,

Some Leafy greens comprise spring onion, moringa, basil, dandelion greens, wheatgrass, peppermint, lettuce brussels sprout, pine tree needles, kale, collard greens, cabbage, spinach, parsley, and beet greens.

Some Citrus fruits are namely grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, lime, and orange.

You can also crush soft fruits, papaya, tomato, peach, avocado, strawberry, pomegranate, grapes, blackberry, mango, melon, kiwifruit, and cranberries using this appliance.

You can also use this juice extractor to prepare soy milk and soaked almond milk and make frozen sorbets and other frozen mixing juices. You can also make a delicious smoothie using the smoothie strainer.

Technical Specification

  • Type: Vertical Masticating Juicer
  • Model: C7000P and C7000S
  • Use: Personal and Home Use
  • Color: RED
  • Speed: 60 RPM
  • Wattage: 240-Watt
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Noise level: 60 decibels
  • Pulp ejection: External
  • Chute size: 3-inch
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Capacity: 600-700ml
  • Maximum Use: Less than 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic and Stainless Steel

Should you buy Kuvings whole slow juicer elite c7000?

Overall, we can give the verdict that the larger chute Kuvings C7000 vertical masticating juicer model has done a significant job upgrading from the kuving B6000 as it is a heavy-duty, versatile, and compact design appliance and not prone to jamming with hard produce, unlike other models. As per our views, it’s a great newer generation press juicer for complete beginners and the veteran.

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