Does cashew milk go bad? How long does cashew milk last?

Some common queries about cashew milk are- Does cashew milk go bad? How long does cashew milk last? Can you freeze cashew milk? And so on.

Well, after reading this article, you will come to know about shelf life, refrigeration and freezing process, and spoilage signs of bad cashew milk.

Cashew milk is packed with iron, calcium, calories, protein, fats, sodium, carbohydrate, and fiber and is best for heart health, bone, eyesight, allergies, and obesity reduction.

This non-dairy milk can be alternative to cow’s milk and best for those who are allergic to dairy milk  You can use cashew milk in smoothies, coffee, tea, ice cream, cereal, hot chocolate, and in various recipes.    

Does cashew milk go bad?

Yes, cashew milk can go bad if left out overnight at room temperature. Homemade cashew milk goes bad if you don’t preserve it at cold temperature, keep it in the right jar, and follow the exact preservation methods. 

Store-bought shelf-stable cashew milk can also expire or go bad if you once open it and keep it at room temperature. Generally, you can keep shelf-stable cashew milk in the pantry for longer periods if it is unopened.

Does cashew milk need to be refrigerated?

   Yes, cashew milk needs to be refrigerated. When you make cashew milk at home and sit it out of the fridge overnight, two types of harmful bacteria namely pathogens and spoilage bacteria grow fast.

Pathogens bacteria may cause several food-borne illnesses and spoilage bacteria are responsible for spoiling color, texture, flavor, and natural nutrients.

The refrigeration method slows down bacterial growth and keeps your cashew milk fresh and healthy for a certain period. You should not preserve unopened shelf-stable cashew milk in the fridge.

If you once open it, store it in the fridge after every use. To refrigerate, pour your homemade cashew milk into a mason jar, seal it tight, and preserve it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

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Can you freeze cashew milk?

Yes, you can freeze cashew milk. Freezing cashew milk is effortless.  When you freeze your homemade cashew milk, it stops microbial growth for more extended periods and keeps the milk fresh and healthy for longer periods.

Note that, freezing can’t kill the bacteria but can keep inactive for extensive periods. Once you defrost frozen cashew milk and keep it at room temperature, inactive bacteria are started to grow in contact with air, light, and temperature.

So, refreeze your cashew milk after every use. Store your opened shelf-stable cashew milk in the freezer to keep it safe and fresh for more extended periods.

How to freeze cashew milk?

 To keep your cashew milk fresh and safe for longer, follow the exact two freezing methods given below:

1st method:

  • Make cashew milk at home using cashew and water.
  • Pour it in an airtight jar namely mason jar leaving 1-inch space from the top.
  • Seal it tight to protect from freezer burn.
  • Label it with date and freeze the jar for longer.
  • Use them after thawing at room temperature or in refrigerator and preserve the leftover milk after using.

  2nd method:

  • Pour your prepared cashew milk in every slot of ice cube tray.
  • Freeze the tray until they are frozen.
  • Once frozen, transfer all cubes in an airtight bag or freezer-safe bag and refreeze them for longer periods.

How long does cashew milk last?

  You can store homemade cashew milk at room temperature for up to a few hours.  But, homemade cashew milk lasts in the fridge for about 3-5 days.

Shelf-stable cashew milk is tagged with best by date or expiration date. Depending on the expiration date, unopened Store-bought shelf-stable cashew milk can be preserved up to 6-36 months in the pantry.

Once opened, store it in the fridge for up to 7-10 days. You can freeze homemade cashew milk as well. It can last in the freezer for up to 8-24 months. You can also freeze opened shelf-stable cashew milk for up to 1-3 years.

How to tell if cashew milk is bad?

Cashew milk has a longer shelf-life than dairy milk. But, how do you know if cashew milk is expired or spoiled? – Obviously, you will have to look into some apparent signs to get whether your cashew milk is gone bad or not.

  • The natural color of cashew milk is white. Notice the color if you see it is darken yellow, chances that it is gone bad. Discard it right away.

  • Bad cashew milk spreads bad odor like rancid or sour smell which could be unbearable for your nose. If you get such smells, toss it out instantly. It’s a clear sign of expired cashew milk.

  • Sometimes, you could see some mold floating on the cashew milk. Throw the container or carton away if you see mold on milk. It’s already spoiled.

  •  Cashew milk carton could be bloated if it’s gone bad. Discard it instantly.

  •  Pour your cashew milk into a bowl. If you see your cashew milk is lumpy and thick, chances that your milk is already expired.

  • In case of store-bought cashew milk, if the expiration date or best by date has already passed, see the other signs. When you notice any bad signs, avoid drinking it.     

   Can bad cashew milk make you sick?

Like any other bad non-dairy milk namely oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk, bad cashew milk can make you sick.

It can cause some food-borne illnesses because of pathogens bacteria. The main illness is food poisoning which can lead to diarrhea, headache, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.

If you drink expired cashew milk and feel sickness like food poisoning, call your doctor immediately for rapid recovery.

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