Does Grape Juice Go Bad?-How Long Does Grape Juice Last

Grape juice is a nutritious and popular drink in the glove. You probably love to drink grape juice a lot and expect a safer drink.

But, you don’t know whether it really goes bad or not or how long it lasts at room temperature, fridge or freezer, and also how to store it.

Here we will provide answers to all of your queries.

Does Grape Juice Go Bad?

Yes, grape juice goes bad if you leave it on the counter at room temperature or sit it out of the refrigerator overnight.

It may happen soon because of an attack of harmful bacteria called pathogens. When light, air, and temperature come into contact with grape juice at room temperature, it attracts harmful bacteria faster.

If you drink it after contamination, you may get sick from it. According to the FDA 1out of 6 Americans can be affected by foodborne illness each year.

You had better keep it at a humid temperature and out of light to prevent it from being spoiled fast and get rid of many food-borne illnesses.

You may prefer store-bought pasteurized grape juice to drink sometimes over freshly squeezed grape juice.

When you keep store-bought juice cans unopened, you don’t need to store them in the fridge.

But, once you open it, you must keep it in the refrigerator to prevent it from going bad soon.  

Can You Freeze Grape Juice?

Yes, you can store grape juice in the freezer to keep it safe for several months.

Freezing can keep bacteria from juice for longer periods, increase the juice’s shelf life dramatically, and retains all-natural nutrients almost the same.

But, the question is- how to freeze grape juice? Well, just follow the steps below-

  1. Squeeze juice from fresh grapes using a blender or you can use the boiling method to make grape juice.
  2. Take an air-tight container such as a Mason jar and properly sanitize it.
  3. Pour the jar with grape juice leaving ½ inches space from the top.
  4. Seal it tight and write down the label and date and store it freezer for more extended periods.
  5. To drink it sometimes from the freeze, first, thaw it in the refrigerator instead of room temperature and refreeze it after every use to keep it safe for longer periods.     

How long does grape juice last?

In-room temperature, grape juice lasts for a few hours. You can store freshly squeezed grape juice in the fridge for up to 3-5 days if you use a tightly sealed jar.

Otherwise, it takes less than those periods because of exposure to air and light. You can preserve grape juice in the freezer for up to 3-6 months to maintain the best quality.

 In case of store-bought grape juice, the manufacturers use preservatives to slow down the microbial growth.

If unopened, it lasts for up to a year and more or a few days after its expiration or best-by dates.

Once opened, you can preserve it for up to 7-10 days in the refrigerator and 8-10 months in the freezer.

How to Tell If Grape Juice Is Bad

Some signs tell you whether your grape juice goes bad or not.

  • Examine the expiration date or best-by date. If you see the date is over, it starts to be fermented and goes bad soon. It had better avoid the drink to keep away from any food-borne illness.
  • Look at the juice if you see any mold floating on the juice, it is already fermented and gone bad. You have to throw it right away.
  • Smell it if you get a bad, vinegary, or sour odor, it is already gone bad. You have to avoid it to drink.
  • The natural color of grape juice is light purple. See the color of grape juice if you see it turns into orange or brown color. Don’t drink it, it is already spoiled.
  • Fresh grape juice tastes sweet and fruity. If you taste it sour or vinegary, it may expire. You have to throw it out.
  • If the texture of it is curdled, it may be gone bad. It had better avoid drinking.

 What happens if you drink bad grape juice?

If you drink spoiled grape juice by chance, it may cause some food-borne illnesses because it is contaminated by some harmful bacteria called pathogens.

You may experience some food poisoning illnesses like diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, and vomiting after drinking bad grape juice. Sometimes you may feel headaches and gas problems.

If you feel any illness after drinking spoiled grape juice, call your doctor in no time and take proper medications.


Final thought

The proper preservation of grape juice is required if you want to enjoy a safer drink for longer periods. Otherwise, your juice will go bad soon.

Use the refrigerator to preserve your grape juice for up to 5-10 days at best and freeze it for up to 8-10 months.

To save from any foodborne illnesses, drink pure juice and check the signs of expired juice before drinking it.

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