Does pomegranate juice go bad? How long does pomegranate juice last?

When you squeeze or buy pomegranate juice, several questions may appear in your mind namely- Does pomegranate juice go bad? How long does pomegranate juice last? Or can you freeze it?

Today we will discuss shelf life, storage method, signs of spoilage of pomegranate juice, and effects of drinking bad pomegranate juice. 

Does pomegranate juice go bad?

Yes, pomegranate juice goes bad if you sit it out at room temperature overnight, do not preserve it properly, and keep the contact of air and light.

Normally, any perishable food stays fresh at room temperature for 2 hours or less.

When you left your pom juice out for longer periods at room temperature, it gets started to ferment because of two types of bacteria such as pathogens and spoilage bacteria.

Pathogens bacteria cause many foodborne illnesses. On the other hand, spoilage bacteria spoil the texture, color, flavor, and nutrients of pomegranate juice.

Store-bought bottled pom juice goes bad soon when you open it and leave it at room temperature after every use. It can also expire several days once its best-by date or expiration date passed.

Does pomegranate juice need to be refrigerated?

 Yes, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice needs to be refrigerated as soon as possible. The refrigeration process slows down microbial growth and keeps the juice fresh and safe for short periods.

Homemade Pomegranate juice goes bad if not refrigerated properly and timely.

To refrigerate properly, make sure to pour the pomegranate juice into an airtight container and preserve it in the crisper drawer of your fridge.

Keep the container away from the fridge’s door and don’t open the fridge repeatedly.

Generally, store-bought pom juice uses preservatives when it is manufactured. You can preserve unopened store-bought pomegranate bottles at room temperature for longer periods.

Once you open the pom juice bottle, the preservatives lessen gradually and you need to refrigerate it immediately after every use to slow down microbial growth and keep the juice fresh and healthy for short periods.

Seal the bottle tightly after every intake and keep the bottle in a colder place in the fridge.

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Can you freeze pomegranate juice?

Yes, you can freeze pomegranate juice to increase juice’s shelf life whether it’s homemade or store-bought and opened or unopened.

The freezing process keeps the bacteria inactive for longer periods and keeps the pom juice fresh and safe for extended periods.

When your thaw the juice and keep it at room temperature for a long time, the inactive bacteria lives again, and fermentation is started and spoils the pom juice over time.

To maintain longer pom juice’s shelf life, follow the freezing steps below-

  • Squeeze juice from fresh pomegranate seeds and discard any spoiled pom seed.
  • Pour the juice into an airtight jar or container leaving 1-2 inch space from the lid.
  • Seal the jar tight, label it with the date and freeze for more extended periods.
  • Defrost the juice in the fridge or at room temperature when you need to drink it.
  • Refreeze the leftover juice making sure to seal the lid tight.

How long does pomegranate juice last?

You can preserve fresh pomegranate juice in the pantry for a few hours. But, it lasts in the refrigerator for up to 2-5 days. To store it for more extended periods, freeze it properly. Homemade pomegranate juice lasts about 6-8 months in the freeze.

Store-bought unopened pom juice lasts in the pantry or at room temperature for up to 12-18 months as per best-by date or expiration date. Once you open the juice bottle, make sure to store it in the fridge all the time for up to 7-10 days. You can preserve the opened or unopened pom juice in the freezer for up to 8-12 months

How to tell if pomegranate juice is bad?

Are you wondering how to tell if pomegranate juice is bad? Several obvious signs will tell you whether your pomegranate juice is bad or not.

  • Look at the pom juice if you see any mold floating on the juice, it must go bad already. Throw it right away.

  • Take a sip if you taste it rancid or bitter, chances that it is already expired.

  • Smell it if you get a bad odor or sharp sour smells it could start fermenting and spoiling soon.

  • Naturally, pomegranate juice is bright ruby aril color. When it goes bad, it turned into blur or brown.

  • When your store-bought pom juice bottle bulges oddly, chances are that your juice starts fermenting and spoiling soon. You could notice it if the expiration dates or best-by date is passed. Discard it instantly.  

What happens if you drink bad pomegranate juice?

Drinking any bad juice is not recommended at all. But, what happens if you drink bad pomegranate juice? 

Well, when pathogen bacteria contaminate your pomegranate, it can cause several foodborne illnesses such as stomach upsets, diarrhea, gas problem, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

If you get sick after drinking expired pomegranate juice, make sure to call your doctor as soon as possible and take proper treatment and medication.

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