How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last? Does It go bad

When a juicer presses fruits and vegetables at a lower speed of 40-80 rpm (revolutions per minute), which create minimum friction, heat, oxidation, and maximum pressure to extract high-quality juice is called cold-pressed juice.

Cold pressed juice is much healthier than juice that is extracted with high speed or fast juicer.

But, the questions are- how long does cold press juice last? – does it go bad? Or can you freeze cold-pressed juice? Today, we will discuss all your queries about cold-pressed juice.

Does cold pressed juice go bad?

Yes, cold-pressed juice can go bad if you leave it overnight at your counter. When you put it unpreserved for several hours, one kind of bacterium named pathogen attacks the juice and starts to ferment rapidly.

The fermentation even multiplies when you keep the juice in a warm place and in contact with light and air. According to USDA– all juice may start to ferment within 2 hours if it leaves at room temperature between 40° F- 140°F.

Generally, the perfect temperature of a refrigerator is between 35° F- 38°F. To enjoy pure cold pressed juice for several days, preserve it in the fridge immediately after extraction.

Refrigerating method slows down the microbes for a few days. But, after certain periods, the juice starts to ferment. In fact, you can store cold press juice in the fridge for short periods.   

Can you freeze cold-pressed juice?

Yes, you can freeze cold pressed juice for more extended periods whether it is homemade or store-bought. This is the only way to extend the shelf life of cold-pressed juice.

This preservation process keeps bacterial growth inactive for long periods. Follow the proper way of freezing method to increase juice shelf life which is cited below-

  1. Choose organic fruits and vegetables instead of inorganic fruits and veggies to juice.
  2. Wash the ingredients and cut them into smaller portions.
  3. Turn on the cold press or masticating juicer instead of the fast juicer.
  4. Throw the smaller chunks of juicing ingredients into the feeding chute of the juicer one by one, push through the hopper with a food pusher, and let the juicer do its magic.
  5. Once finish juicing, strain the juice and pour it into an airtight Mason jar leaving ½ inches space from the lid.
  6. Label it, write down the date, seal it tightly, and finally, preserve it in the freezer for extended periods.

 How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

Keep your cold-pressed juice at room temperature for not more than 2 hours. You should preserve your cold-pressed juice in the refrigerator immediately after extraction and it’s a best practice.

You can preserve it in the fridge for up to 2-3 days and consume it within this timeframe. Otherwise, bacterial growth will be fast and the juice will be started fermented. Most people often ask- how to increase the shelf life of cold-pressed juice.

 The good news is that you can increase the shelf life of your cold press juice drastically. To do this, you have to store your juice in the freeze. Luckily, you can preserve your cold-press juice in the freezer for up to 6-8 months.

How to Tell If cold pressed Juice Is Bad

 Many signs tell will you whether your juice goes bad or not. We have cited some signs that help you out to get whether your juice goes bad or not-

  • Taste it. If you feel a sour or vinegar-like taste, then your juice is already fermented. Throw it right away.
  • Smell it. If you get carbonated or have a bad odor, your juice is already expired. Don’t drink it.
  • Look at the color. If you see the natural juice color turning into darkens or brown, it is already expired.
  • Notice floating mold. When you see some fungus-like mold floating on the juice, it is a clear sign that your juice is undrinkable because it is badly spoiled.
  • Watch the bottle whether it is bloated or not. If it is bloated abnormally, it is stated fermented and already spoiled.
  • See the best-by date. When you drink store-bought juice, look at the best-by date or expiration date. If you see the date is already passed, it is unsafe to drink though some expert says you can drink it a few days after the expiration date.  

What happens if you drink bad cold pressed juice?

When you drink expired grape juice, it may cause some food-borne illnesses because it is contaminated by some harmful bacteria called pathogens.

You may encounter some food poisoning like stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. At times you may feel headaches and gas problems.

If you feel any illness after drinking spoiled juice, call your doctor in no time and take proper treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Can you leave cold-pressed juice out?

No, you cannot leave cold-pressed juice overnight out of the fridge. You can leave it out of the fridge for up to 2-3 hours at best.

How often should you drink cold-pressed juice?

You should not drink more than 2 cups per day. Over-consuming of juice may responsible for weight gain. So, if you are a health-freak guy, moderation in drinking juice is a must.

How do you pasteurize cold-pressed juice?

How do you preserve juice without refrigeration?

You can easily preserve your cold press juice without refrigeration by using the pasteurization method. But, it will no longer keep cold press juice. The pasteurization process is carried out by heating the juice. It will degrade the natural color, taste, and natural nutrients of your cold-pressed juice. So, we don’t recommend you use the pasteurization method to store your cold-pressed juice.

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