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How To Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better? ( Experts Follow The 11 Ways)

You can make cranberry juice taste better or sweeter with sugar and without sugar. However, it is a great source of vitamins C, E, K1, and B6, copper, folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and varieties of antioxidants.

These nutrients largely help prevent unitary tract infections, boost the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve heart health. Today, we tell you- how to sweeten cranberry juice and how to make cranberry juice less bitter.

what does cranberry juice taste like

Naturally, bright red-colored cranberry juice tastes tart, sour, and bitter after drinking like lemons. Sometimes, you might get a cherry-like flavor. It’s one of the lowest-sugar juices out there. You might like to drink sweet-flavored juices. Being tart and bitter, you might often evade drinking cranberry juice. Unfortunately, you are deprived of lots of nutrients and health benefits avoid drinking this unsweetened drink.

How to make cranberry juice taste better without sugar?

What can you mix with cranberry juice to make it taste better? Well, you can make cranberry juice taste better naturally in several ways:

  1. Adding honey
  2. Mixing Ginger ale
  3. Adding sweeteners
  4. Adding salt
  5. Diluting with water/ soda water
  6. Adding lime or lemon juice
  7. Mix with smoothies
  8. Juicing with cucumber and celery
  9. Adding maple syrup
  10. Mix with other sweet fruits juice

Adding honey:

Honey is a great combination of fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, nitrogen, and organic acids.

This natural sweetener is much sweeter than refined sugar. You can make your cranberry juice taste better if you add a tablespoon of natural honey instead of refined sugar.

Honey’s sweetening power depends on its rate of dilution and sugar composition. The more it is concentrated, the more it is sweeter.

Add concentrated honey instead of sugar if you want to make your cranberry juice sweeter.

Mixing Ginger ale:

 Ginger ale is a carbonated non-alcoholic soft drink that is made by combining fresh ginger root, high-fructose corn syrup, water mixes of other spices and flavorings, and fruits.

It tastes like a sweet drink and you can use it as a mixer. Mix some ginger ale with cranberry juice to make it taste better or sweeter.

Adding sweeteners:

Sweeteners are alternatives to sugar that taste sweet but less in calories. Sometimes, they are called zero-calorie or low-calorie sweeteners.

These artificial sweeteners are used in food or drink to increase sweetness without adding calories. They are safe to use and approved by FDA as a safe artificial sweetener.

They are made from various types of herds and sugar. 

You can add artificial sweeteners to increase the sweetness of your cranberry juice. Some widely used sweeteners are Aspartame, Stevia, Sucralose, Saccharin, Erythritol, Xylitol, Yacon syrup, etc.

Adding salt:

Adding a pinch of salt per glass can reduce the bitterness of cranberry juice. You can’t expect sweetness by adding honey, sweeteners, or sugar.

But, adding salt makes your cranberry juice tastes better or more drinkable. Make sure to use a tiny amount of salt with large batches of cranberry juice to make taste better.

Diluting with water/ soda water:

Adding water/soda water with cranberry juice can reduce the tartness of it and make it taste good naturally though you don’t get enough sweetness.

But, you might experience a less natural flavor and a bit of quality reduction. Getting sweetness you can add some sweet coconut water with your cranberry juice.

Adding lime or lemon juice:

Adding a tiny amount of lime or lemon juice can take away the tartness of your cranberry juice and give it a good taste.

To get a better taste from your cranberry juice, use lemon juice adding honey or sugar. You won’t get a bright flavor if you use lime or lemon juice alone.

Because lemon juice often becomes tart and bitter.

Juicing with cucumber and celery:

 To give a better taste and cut down the tartness and bitterness of your cranberry juice, use some celery and cucumber slices with cranberry while juicing.

It helps make your cranberry juice both flavorful and nutritious.

Adding maple syrup:

Maple syrup ‘a natural sweetener’ is made from the xylem sap of red maple, black maple, or sugar maple which is more nutritious than sugar.

You can add it with your cranberry juice to make it taste good and cut down its weird taste.

Mix with smoothies:

You may not like the natural flavor of cranberry juice. Get a better taste, and use it with delicious smoothies.

Mix it with some sweet fruits like bananas, grapes, pineapples, raspberries strawberries, etc., and milk or yogurt, and get a better and sweeter taste than drinking it alone.

Blending with some sweet fruits gives you not only a better taste but also some extra nutrients.

Mix with other sweet fruits juice:

To reduce tart and bitter taste you can mix cranberry juice with some sweet fruit juices like pineapple juice, red grapes juice, apple juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, pear juice, and other sweet fruit juice.

How to make cranberry juice taste better with sugar?

 Sugars are soluble carbohydrates and extremely sweet-flavored ingredients which are made from sugarcane and sugar beets.

They are high in glucose, galactose, fructose, and maltose. You can make your cranberry juice sweeten or taste better with sugar.

But, using excessive sugar is detrimental to your health. High intake of sugar may cause diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and cardiovascular disease.

However, to make your cranberry juice taste good or better with sugar, follow the steps below:

  • Take 4 cups of fresh cranberries and a cup of sugar.
  • Wash and scrub all cranberries properly.
  • Turn on your juicer machine or blender toss all cranberries into it and make a puree of cranberries.
  • Pour the puree of cranberries into a large cooking pot or bowl
  • Mix the juice of a lemon with cranberry purees 
  • Add ½ cup of sugar
  • Place the cooking pot onto a stove and boil the mixture to medium heat for up to 10-15 minutes. During boiling the puree, check the flavor of the juice. Adjust the sweetness by adding more sugar from the rest of the ½ cup of sugar you have, reduce the tartness, and make your cranberry juice sweeter.
  • After 10-15 minutes, take away the pot from the stove and cool the juice for about 30 minutes.
  • Afterward, place the cheesecloth in a large bowl, pour the cheesecloth with the mixture, and keep pressure on it with your hand until the juice is drained through the cheesecloth to the bowl fully. Throw away or reuse the pulp of cranberries after fully taking out the juice from the puree.

Now, enjoy the sweet cranberry juice or freeze the juice for later use.

how much cranberry juice should I drink to make it taste good?

People often ask how much cranberry juice should I drink to make it taste good. Being tart and low-sugar juice, you can drink more than one glass per day cranberry juice if it is unsweetened. But, once you add some sweetening ingredients to make it sweeter and less bitter, it is recommended to drink one 8-ounce glass per day to avoid unwanted weight gain.

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