10 Juicing Mistakes That You Make- Everything You Need to Know


We love to drink juice than eat wholly. But when it comes to juicing things, we should take some extra caution as we make some common juicing mistakes that may degrade the juicing’s actual purposes. If you are a great fan of juicing ingredients and want to get maximum benefits from it, try to avoid making the following top 10 mistakes

10 Juicing mistakes that you make

1. Not using a masticating juicer:

Almost everyone makes common juicing mistakes while they juice for the first time. They buy a cheap centrifugal juicer and start juicing. But after that, they have to change the juicer as it produces very low-quality juice. Therefore, when you think of juicing, it is vital to figure out what juicer will be better for juicing. Well, you might find many cheap centrifugal juicers on the market. But they may degrade your juice’s quality as they operate at 3000-16000 rpm and create much oxidation. On the other hand, a masticating juicer runs at 40-110 rpm and creates minimum oxidation to preserve the all-natural nutrients of ingredients.

2. Not using organic produces:

We think juicing anything is right for your health. But it is a wrong idea. You would find a lot of ingredients in the market to juice. But all the things are not for you. Try to be picky and tricky when you market for juicing. It is due to all the ingredients that are not organic. Some elements are produced by using chemicals and pesticides that are detrimental to the human body. But organic has been grown using natural compost that does not degrade the quality of produces. So to get the highest nutritional value, don’t make further mistakes of juicing using anything in your juice. It is wise to use organic things to get a better result.

3. Not drinking fresh:

Getting the full nutritional value from juice depends on how early you drink your squeezed nectar. You might store your juice in airtight containers for 48-72 hours if you use a masticating juicer. But when you would open your airtight jar to drink juice, again and again, it comes in the contact of air and light, which degrades the quality of your juice. That’s why it is better to drink within 15 minutes immediately after juicing. If you are busy enough, cannot drink right away, store it in the refrigerator for not more than 24 hours. Though the process can lower the nutrients a bit, it is better to drink juice with little nutrients than no drink at all. Therefore, try to drink fresh juice immediately after juicing.

4. Drinking on a full stomach:

drinking juice on a full stomach is another common juicing mistake. It is hard to absorb all nutrients that juice contains, and the actual purpose of juicing will be in vain. Therefore, it is wise that drinking the juice on an empty stomach is beneficial for your health. To have the full nutrients, try to drink juice 30 minutes before your breakfast. It will make a more muscular your immune system, checking allergens, and illnesses. It will also help your stomach to digest all day round.

5. Consume too many fruits:

You might love to drink fruit juice every day. But it may increase the sugar level in your body that, in turn, speeding up obesity and diabetes. Fruits contain an element, namely fructose, that is beneficial for health. But consuming a batch of fruit juice every day will step up the sugar level of blood cells. Try to use some vegetables with fruits instead of juicing fruits only.

6. Juicing the same thing every day:

Juicing is quite fun and should be enjoyable. You might have your personal choice in juicing ingredients, and you would juice those ingredients frequently with your sweet will. But an important thing you don’t likely to know that is juicing the same thing every day is quite dull, getting only a few nutrients, and poisonous for over-consuming. So try a variety of ingredients in your everyday juicing list so that you can add different flavor combinations and keep your dietary intake varied enough to stay fit and maintain balance among a variety of nutrients.

7. Not chewing your juice:

Sometimes, we drink some tangible things with liquid, but we don’t chew them up properly and swallow them directly, which is less beneficial. It’s the wrong method of drinking juice. When we move the liquid around our mouth and chew the stable things properly before gulping, it releases saliva that contains essential digestive enzymes that aid in digestion quickly and help send the crucial nutrients in our cells. Therefore, it’s the most vital matter to chew the concrete elements containing juice before swallowing, getting the highest nutritional value.

8. Brushing teeth immediately after drinking juice:

Drinking juice, especially citrus fruit juice that contains citric acid, has a corrosive effect on teeth. Besides, the bacteria produce in teeth associated with citric acid cause cavity erosion of teeth. So brushing teeth immediately after drinking juice made from citrus produces fastens the cavity attack on teeth. Try to brush teeth at least 30 minutes later after consuming fresh juice, if you want to keep your teeth safe from bacterial and citric acid’s negative effect.

9. Leaving juicer dirty:

Sometimes, we leave the juicer dirty immediately after juicing. And this is a bad practice. Because some pulp, fruit sugar, and vegetable sediments stick to the juicer, which eventually attracts the bacteria and makes the juicer harder to clean. If you are too busy to clean immediately after juicing, try to saturate with water until you get time to clean it. But it is recommended that you clean it immediately after use to prevent bacterial growth and for easy reuse it.

10. Use too many dark greens:

Leafy greens are no doubt beneficial for health and helpful for weight loss. But excessive of anything is harmful. Dark greens have a bitter and strong flavor. Using too many dark greens may degrade the taste of juice. Therefore, it is wise that use 25% dark greens with 75% other vegetables to lessen the bitterness of juice. You can use cucumber and some slices of lemon with leafy greens to get a mild flavor.


You have already known about some common juicing mistakes. To get the highest utility from juicing ingredients, try to keep away from making the aforementioned mistakes of juicing.

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