20 Creative Uses of Leftover Juice Pulp You Can Do Right Now

We make juice to drink regularly to energize ourselves and consume vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. But there has a popular question: what are the uses of leftover juice pulp? Well, there have multidimensional benefits of leftover pulps that are mindboggling.

20 Creative uses of leftover juice pulp

1. Use with Smoothie:

Adding leftover pulps with your smoothie makes it thicken and gives a nice creamy texture. Apart from these, they not only step up the flavor of the smoothie but also add some vital fibers and nutrients to boost you up until your next meal.

2. Veggies broth:

You might often juice vegetables using the best cold press juicer to add your diet but throw your pulp out in the bin. You should know that now you can use leftover pulps to make delicious and mouthwatering veggies broth. To make broth, all you need to have vegetable pulps, salt, pepper (green chili is better), water, spices. Boil 9-10 cups of water, once boiling, adds vegetable pulps, pepper, salt, and spices into it, bring the water to a simmer, cook for about 1 hour, and enjoy it once cooking.

3. Compost them:

The easiest way to use pulps as making their compost. When juicing, you get skins, pulps, peels and throw them waste bin. But to convert them into compost, try to throw them away into the garden compost bin instead. Once the waste turns into compost, use them in your garden to provide nutrients, make soil healthy, and get high produce.

4. Make pulp crackers:

If you want to eat something crispy, now it is good news that you can turn your pulps into crunchy pulp crackers. To make crackers, you need to have a dehydrator. Mix water with pulps and toss them in a dehydrator, dehydrating them for about 6 hours, and once finish, get crackers as a crispy dipping snack

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5. Make fruits leather:

Fruit leather is a fruit roll, a mouthwatering leathery dried fruit product. You can make it with your leftover pulps. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper; make sure to dry all pulps evenly, toss in a dehydrator for 12-14 hours at 115-degree temperature, cut like carpets, and enjoy them.

6. Dog treats:

Prepare healthy dog treats from leftover pulps. When you would make dog treats, please avoid making some toxic pulps like onions, grapes, apple seeds, and citrus fruits because these could be poisonous to your pets. Instead, use pulps of cucumber, kale, carrot, melons, apple (with no seeds), lettuce, celery, spinach, and pear when preparing treats for your dogs.

7. Make dye:

Is it possible to make dye from leftover pulps? Yes. Incredibly, Nori Co, the owner of Sunshine Juice in Tokyo, Japan, worked with a botanical lab to make it possible to make green dye from pulps! They used the paint to make organic cotton T-shirts.

8. Utilize as chicken feed:

If you have a chicken farm or rearing chickens in your backyard, you can use the leftover pulp as chicken feed. They love it but avoid feeding them citrus fruit pulps. It could be detrimental to them.

9. Add to veggies burgers:

A great way to use leftover pulps is to add them as burger veggies. It is not a hard way to make pulps as veggies. Just mix the pulps with eggs and spices in the bowl. Now refrigerate the veggies with other burger fixings like slices of tomato and onion, lettuce, cheese, bun, etc.

10. Make fiber powder:

If you are an owner of a dehydrator, you can quickly turn pulps into fiber powder. All you need to do to make powder is to dehydrate the pulps in a dehydrator as long as it’s brittle enough to be converted into fiber powder. Once making it, now you can use it with soup, smoothie, and more to ripe benefits from the fiber.

11. Use as skin therapy:

Use leftover pulps, making a face mask. Dermatologists have identified that cucumber soothes and hydrates the face, kale aids in skin cell turnover and removes spots, strawberry helps anti-aging, and removes dead skin cells. If you are beauty-savvy, so why delay making a face mask and utilize it.

12. Meatballs:

It is a unique way to add the pulps with meatballs and meatloaves, adding fresh vegetable flavor and attractive texture. You can prepare meatballs mixing mince, vegetable pulps, garlic, pepper, and salt together.

13. Quiche:

Use the pulps in a quiche to get some nutrients and fiber and make another layer with cheese, eggs, mutton, or beef, and scorch for some other savory goodness.

14. Breakfast Cereals:

Mix the fresh pulp with buckwheat or oatmeal, nuts, bananas, or shredded coconut to boost the morning. Or dehydrate the pulps properly and scattering them in your breakfast cereal.

15. Add to pizza crusts:

Making Pizza crusts with leftover juice pulp is a widespread use of pulp.  Make pizza at home; use various herbs and spices with pulp to get the flavor and nice texture.

16. Salad:

Making salad with pulps is a good idea. To prepare salad, mix some ingredients like spices, vinaigrette, and blend it well. You can make Cucumber Salad, Broccoli Salad, Broccoli Bean Mix, and Potato Salad, Etc.

17. Muffins and bread:

Make moist and delicious muffins with shredded carrots leftover pulp, which is very popular.  To prepare this recipe, use ¾ cup shredded carrot, 1/4 cup crushed pineapple, and 1/2 tablespoon of an orange and mix all ingredients and make mouthwatering muffins. Moreover, you can use the pulp with bread as sandwich ingredients. Mix pulp with cream cheese and pepper; use it between two slices of bread, and now you have a great meal.

18. Freeze them into an ice cube:

It is a fantastic idea of using the pulp by turning it into an ice cube. Just mix some pure water and pour it into an ice cube tray. Once converting it into a cube, you can use them with smoothies in the future.

19. Add to pasta sauce:

If you juice tomatoes or green chilies, you can make your sauce version and use them in cooked pasta. And taste a quick, delicious spice meal.

20. Make Fritters:

Utilize your leftover pulp to make tasty and spice cakes.  To make these delicious fritters, use brown rice, carrots, cabbages, avocado in a bowl, mix them well, add a drizzle of peanut sauce,  and serve once you make them.


I hope the abovementioned 20 uses of leftover pulp will help you utilize the pulp properly. you can use masticating juicers such as omega juicer, tribest juicer, aicok juice maker, hurom juice machine, and kuvings juicer extractor for getting better foam-free less oxidized pulp.

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